WATCH:Madonna singing bizarre fried fish song into hairbrush

The majority of us are getting bored in quarantine.

We are at that point in dealing with our indefinite #StayTheFuckHome era and some pop stars took the opportunity to perform for us live from their ranches, mansions, and luxury apartments.

While Madonna might not have been the first star to give us one of her own songs in a funny way to help pass the quarantine time due to the outbreak of COVID-19, she is certainly performing it better than the rest.

Some people are asking why the songstress chose to remix her most famous song of I’m breathless, “vogue,” into a song about fried fish. Maybe she gave them the right answer that they can find within the parody’s lyrics; she claims that there is “no more pasta,”.The pop star is giving a bit of much comic relief to her fans on twitter when she nearly took a tumble in her bathroom while singing and using her white hairbrush.

We have also to note that she was not using her own phone or playing around with her quarantine camera crew, because in the background of the video in her bathroom mirror we can see an unknown camera man filming her using a massive device and box light attached to the whole set-up.

On the other side, there are some people who are angry and asking why these celebs are behaving like teenagers while most of America is in a very tough situation and maybe can become deathly ill in the process.

watch the video below and judge it yourself.