These Extremely Rare Blue Bananas Taste Like Vanilla Ice Cream

Nature has limitless surprises for us, and just when we’ve seen it all, we discover something new that leaves us stunned. These rare blue Java bananas taste exactly like vanilla ice cream is a gift from nature. Some people call these bananas Ice Cream Bananas because of their taste, which is like ice cream. These bananas have blue skin, and when they ripen the skin ends up turning yellow. These bananas have different names, for example in Fiji, they are called Hawaiian banana, Filipinos call it Krie and locals in Central America call the banana Cenizo.

This type of banana can survives in cold weather, they also can grow naturally in the South of Asia.
Moreover, they are very healthy as they are a good source of potassium and other minerals.A, For example, 100-gram of the banana equal 0.3 fat, 89 calories and 22.8 of carbohydrates.

Their leaves also can be used to fry, boil and freeze food. Finally, we can use them as aluminum foil and to wrap a casserole.

Bellow, some tips to follow if you want to grow blue Java bananas in your garden

  • Place them in a place that gets enough sunlight and rain.
  • You need to provide them enough space as they grow up to 200 feet and to water daily.
  • You have to apply NPK fertilizer (3:1:6) once a month.
  • Put in mind that Blue Java bananas can grow only nine months

The video below about the Blue Java Banana can provide you more information.