Meet The Majestic Maine Coon Cat Who Becomes a Viral Sensation Thanks To Fancy Fur

A three-year-old cat named Vivo is a Maine Coon who is now a viral sensation and people described him as “part lion, part wolf, and part human.”

The cat’s human friends started sharing his photos two years ago, and he has today over 43.000 followers. The Majestic cat is located in Guangzhou, China with his owners Izabella Sijka and Robert. Some fans claimed that Vivi looks like”royalty” because of his majestic appearance.

One fan commented: “If a royal bloodline exists for domestic cats, Vivo is their King,” another added, “I would follow this regal beast into battle anywhere.”

“Vivo has only meowed once. The spontaneous impregnation of every female cat in a ten-mile radius followed,” A third social media commented.

Another saying “He looks like someone coming straight from CATS dress rehearsal.”


Some people believe that Vivo is “black smoke Maine Coon” because of his appearance. Some believed that Maine Coons are the oldest natural breeds in North America after being located their more than a century ago. Recognized as the state animal for Maine in 1985, This breed is known for its ability to survive the harshest winters there.

Experts think that their many theories about the origins of the Maine Coon, one of them claimed that this breed is a descendant of Marie Antoinette’s long-haired cats and also being a seafaring pet of a sailor named “Coon,” who docked in Maine in the 1700s, and they mated with local cats. While some think that the cats are a mix of short-haired domestic cats and long-haired cats brought to America by New England seamen.

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